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Champagne Barfontarc a hit with consumers

Richard Esling - 06 May 2014

Champagne de Barfontarc was launched on the UK market at a consumer tasting on Saturday 3rd May in Arundel, West Sussex. The tasting of a range of champagnes from the southern champagne house was a huge success, with 100% of attendees placing orders for the champagne when it is imported.

New on the UK market, the champagnes are well reputed in France, being featured every year in the Guide Hachette – the top wine buying guide in France. The style and age of the champagnes makes them ideally suited to the English palate, with their depth of flavor, yeasty character from good bottle age and lively, appealing aromas.

Both the Brut Tradition and the Rosé were awarded Gold medals in the Concours General Agricole this year (2014), the Brut Tradition won a gold in Brussels in 2013 and the Blanc de Noirs was given a Silver in the London based Pinot Noir Global Masters in February this year.

These champagnes have an inherent quality and pedigree far beyond their price level and as such, represent excellent value for money. Coupled with a very well-run winery, consistency of style and quality is guaranteed, quite different to a number of other brands which are not treated correctly, nor aged sufficiently, resulting in acidic ‘green’ wines which vary from batch to batch and year to year.

Champagne de Barfontarc is a small champagne house situated in the Cotes de Bar in the department of Aube, in the south of the champagne region. It is a cooperative with about 100 hectares of vineyards owned by its growers.

The name originates from the nearby villages of Bar, Fontaine and Arconville. The winery and offices are located in the village of Baroville.

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